Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SunDManOnEarth's Birthday

God thank you for today. From the moment I opened my eyes when I woke up, I know,  together with mom, YOU have already greeted me with a hug and a kiss on my forehead.

No words can express how grateful I am to be celebrating the Life you created. I offer this day to you God. For your love, guidance, understanding and strength.

Today, I wish nothing but longer life for all my loved ones and friends and mine. Make us the rightful people to witness how wonderful you created this world. Give us all more strength, hope and courage in facing LIFE. Give us more wisdom to understand YOUR commands and happiness, so that we can give joy to other people too.

Being here typing this post makes me realize how blessed and lucky I am.

Lord, I may have committed things that are unworthy of your trust. So here I am grabbing the opportunity today to ask for your forgiveness. In return, I am offering myself, my heart mind and soul to YOU freely. Use me, so that I can help other people, inspire them, share to them the strength you are giving me and to spread your good news.

Thank you for those people who made efforts, in every possible means to greet me and remember that I am indeed a CELEBRATION. Bless them Lord, their hearts and families.

Thank you my loving Lord for letting me be with the people I love on my birthday. You know all my heart's desire and I believe that in YOUR time, they will be granted.

 I love you.


Only Good Vibes on my birthday! Yay! ♥

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Much Love,
SunDMan ♥