Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy birthday Mama...

I know it's a bit late but I won't let this Month pass by without greeting my Mama.
March 2 is her birthday and this year is her 49th Birth Anniversary, exactly 20 years have gone since she left us.

I was only 1 year old, my youngest brother 2 months old, and elder brother, 6 years old when she left. This is I think one of the reasons why my family's story is always something to be proud of...

I won't elaborate much since I recently made an article that is sort of related to this one.

Mama, I know you are always with us albeit we seemed to be separated from one another most of the time. I feel that it's because of you that our love and trust to one another never fade despite the distance.

Mama, how I wish you are here with us today. I can't help but to think of a lot of 'what ifs' and 'what could've happen' if you are still with us today...

Mama, I am a big (literally) girl now even though Kuya said that I will be forever his 'maldita' baby sister...
Don't get tired with us Mama, if you feel that we are somehow forgetting you...we're not. You will always be here in our heart.

I promise I will try to be as good as you want me to be. Just be always there when I need someone to talk to...and with GOD, always be by our side to protect us from all of the harms of the world.

Thank you Mama, if not because of you, Kuya, me and Jeje will not be here. I know how much you sacrificed for us just like Papa. Don't fret Mama, we will take good care of Papa. Sorry if sometimes I am being a stubborn daughter to Papa and a bad sister to Kuya and Bunso. But you know how much I love them and I how much I will sacrifice for them.

Mama, I wish I could introduce to you Dawn, he's my boyfriend for 3 years now. He's a good guy Mama. He takes good care of and listen to me when I don't have someone to talk to. He too has been sacrificing so much for me. That's why I don't mind whatever people would say about him or us. You know Mama that Dawn is an angel sent for know how much I do not deserve someone like him. And so, I promise to be good to him as well Mama.

I know with your guidance Mama, I will continuously change into a better person. :)

I will pray for you Mama, wherever you are, I believe you are doing fine and happy with GOD.


Your Daughter.


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