Monday, September 12, 2011

The Real Thing

The Real Thing

It’s been two years now since I entered Adamson University as a Mass Communication student. Looking back to my freshmen days, I often feel envious of the junior Mass Communication students who already have their production class. Seeing them wearing their black t-shirts, standing behind the cameras and lights, I always hoped that time would move so fast so I can also have my own production class and experience the real thing.

Time indeed flies and now I have this elating feeling finding myself reflecting on this thought that there’s more to being a Mass Communication student. It’s not enough for you to be good in grammar, to be articulate, or to be creative. One thing I didn’t realize before is that being a Mass Communication student requires you to be a good leader; this is one of the important things production has taught me. Assignment of different roles in a group of very dynamic individuals and taking the top post at times made my understanding to teammanship and self-worth to a greater scheme. The essence of understanding individual differences and learning to respect varying opinions is a worthwhile realization that I was given the opportunity to learn. These values turned out to be essential tools in leading a group in a very creative environment of young media practitioners-to-be. Producing a very meaningful output that every member of the group is proud of made it dawn to me that I actually have the capacity to lead and inspire contemporaries. I see myself now with a higher regard.

Indeed, leadership is a big matter to deal with. Being able to handle others people’s criticisms, those annoying facial expressions and acting as if they knew everything made me even more resilient. What matters most is that I am confidently secure with myself; I know what I am doing and I know I can prove them wrong.

Today, counting two years after I entered Adamson University... I am now looking forward to experiencing the real thing—the cameras, the lights… - with much confidence.



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